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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: When does the program start and end?
A. The program will be open from September 25th, 2023 (12:01 AM EST) to October 25th, 2023 (11:59 PM EST)

Q: Does the use of Apotex products influence the selection of winning entries?
A: No. Purchase or dispensing of Apotex product is not necessary.

Q: Is purchase required to participate in the program?
A: No. Purchase is not required.

Q. Who is eligible to enter the program?
A. Eligible nominees must be a legal resident of, and the age of majority within their respective province or territory in Canada. Additionally, you must be a pharmacist, licensed within the jurisdiction in which the award is presented or pharmacy technician or pharmacy assistant.

Q: Can I enter if I live outside of Canada?
A: No. Only Canadian residents are eligible to nominate.

Q: Where can I find your program rules?
A: You can find the official program rules here.

Q. How do I enter a nomination?
A. You can enter a nomination through the online application found here, if you’re nominating a pharmacy professional and the online application found here if you’re nominating yourself.

Q. Is it possible to enter multiple times?
A. Yes, you can nominate as many people as you’d like however, you can only submit one nomination per nominee.



Q: What is the prize?
A. Each prize includes:
(1) a $2,000 CAD donation to their charity of choice that aligns with the Apotex Giving Philosophy; and
(2) social media recognition on Apotex channels with a link to the winners’ photos and profiles on our APOthecary Heroes microsite.

Q: How many prizes are there?
A. Up to 10 prizes.

Q: How many winners could there be?
A. There will be at least one winner per province/territory, provided that nominations are received for that particular province/territory and the applicable winning nominee meets all the program requirements in accordance with the full program rules.

Q. When will the winners be announced?
A. Winners will be announced in November 2023.


Submitting the nomination package

Q. Will I receive notification that my nomination has been received?
A. Yes. You will receive a confirmation email regarding your entry.

Q. After entering, is it possible to cancel my entry and/or submit additional information?
A. During the program period, you may cancel entry at any time by emailing However, you may not resubmit additional or new information. Please be careful as cancellation or submissions cannot be accepted after the program period has ended.

Q. Is it possible to submit my application by email directly to Apotex Inc.?
A. No, submissions cannot be sent via email. Only submissions sent through this website will be processed. Please note that should a submission be sent to the wrong place in error, it will not be processed.

Q: Can I submit the supporting materials via mail?
A: No, you may only submit supporting materials online as part of the application.

Q. My attachments cannot be uploaded properly.
A. Please ensure your attachments are .PDF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PPT, .DOCX or .DOC. If this does not resolve your issue, please submit your issue to this inquiry page.

Q. Can I enter by smartphone or tablet?
A. Yes, you may enter through the browser on your smartphone or tablet.

Q. There was an error.
A. Please ensure your attachments are .PDF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PPT, .DOCX or .DOC. If this does not resolve your issue, please submit your issue to this inquiry page.

Q. I want to change my email address.
A. Please submit your request through this inquiry page. Your information will be changed.


About the judging

Q. Who are the judges?
A. There will be five judges who work for Apotex Inc. The judges do not work in an area where they directly communicate with customers such as Pharmacy Professionals.

Q: What are the judging criteria?
A. Judges will score your submission package based on the following framework:

CONTEXT & RELEVANCE: The context in which the nominee’s pharmacy involvement impacts patient health.10 Points
INTERVENTION: The activities undertaken by the nominee to support pharmacy practice, community and patient health.10 Points
IMPACT / INSPIRATIONAL POWER: The Wow! Factor. How the nominee goes above and beyond for patients, their community and/or pharmacy practice.10 Points
Total ScoreMaximum of 30 Points

Q. Will I be able to receive an evaluation from the judges?
A. No. We will not be providing an evaluation other than to the winning recipients.