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Our Environment

Apotex's primary goal is to provide quality affordable medicines to patients around the world. However, there is a direct link between a healthy environment and a healthy population. As a major global organization, Apotex has an impact on the world around us. To help reduce these impacts, Apotex Inc. in the GTA has established an environmental management program with an ultimate goal of having a positive impact on the environment around us.

The main aspects of Apotex's environmental program include pollution prevention, waste reduction, conservation of natural resources (materials, fuels and energy) and commitment to recovery and recycling as opposed to disposal where feasible.

Medications Return Programs

As Canada's #1 generics provider, we are among the top financial supporters of all provincially regulated medications return programs. These programs provide consumers a safe and environmentally responsible way to dispose of unused or expired household medications. For more information on these programs and to find a collection location in your area, contact Health Products Stewardship Association at

Health Products Stewardship Association