Photo of a team of skydivers in formation.Do you want to be part of a great team?

A career with Apotex Corp. means joining a team committed to the absolute best. Our mandate is to attract the finest in the field. Aside from the opportunity to work alongside some of the world's top professionals, Apotex Corp. presents a stability found in few other companies. Our dedication to staying in the USA and creating a continually growing company and product base is paramount to our mandate for success.


Apotex Corp. is a multicultural, performance driven team of professionals, lending a wide range of experience and offering boundless opportunities. As our company grows, it becomes even more people-focused. This philosophy is what we believe allows for greater confidence to pursue new avenues of health in developing the future of medicine. Employees are given the chance to cultivate skills, collaborate with teammates, create a career path that utilizes their talent to optimum potential and work with passion and commitment.


Our objective is to better serve the health and quality of life of people around the world. We take great pride in beginning that attention here, within our own environment. Our management team has an open-door policy, inviting the suggestions and opinions of all our staff. Outside our walls, we deliver products that meet the growing demands of the public's health requirements and strive towards developing better medicines.


Apotex Corp. is a wholly owned affiliate of Apotex Inc. Apotex Inc. is the largest Canadian owned pharmaceutical organization in Canada and a leading producer in North America. Apotex Inc. serves a marketplace of over 115 countries, and is committed to growth on a global basis through affiliates such as Apotex Corp. in the United States of America.


Carefully chosen teams create a dynamic environment; and being first in the marketplace allows us the liberty to foster growth and promote from within the company. Opportunity for progressive-minded employees is virtually limitless. The climate within Apotex creates a setting ripe for professional growth and advancement. Research, development and sales are continually evolving elements at Apotex. All disciplines demand attention to current conditions but also to possibilities outside of the present environment.

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