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Espadiva Campaign 1


September 5, 2018

Launching of New Espadiva® campaign

Launch of new Espadiva┬« campaign Last September 3rd, the New Espadiva® campaign was launched by Apotex® Mexico. The flagship of the campaign is the boldness and courage of the Millennial generation. With phrases such as "OMG!" (Acronym for "Oh my god!") and "#QueNadaTeDetenga" (don't let anything stop you), this campaign reflects a youthful spirit.

With over seven years in the Mexican market, Espadiva® has provided relief for ailments such as cramps before, during and after menstruation. During 2018 and 2019, it will appear at different media and have a solid presence in social networks.

It is expected that Espadiva® will reach an audience eager to know more about the brand and interact through its several social media and its website.

Furthermore, employees at Apotex® Mexico had the chance to familiarize with and enjoy the private launching event of the campaign at our corporate offices in Mexico City.