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National and International Regulation

National and International Regulation

In the pharmaceutical industry, the global regulatory framework is of utmost importance since it governs the standards under which we operate, ensuring that our products are effective and safe.

At Apotex® we are aware of the challenge that complying with national and international regulations presents. Therefore, we have a robust regulatory team to ensure compliance with the regulations in the countries where we operate.

The health agencies maintain an ongoing evolution, seeking the safety of patients and implementing standards that ensure quality during the manufacturing process of medicines, their marketing, advertising, and supply chain; such standards are so extensive that they even consider the possible adverse effects on patients and their follow-up.

The objective is to ensure that the product supplied to the final consumer fulfills its intended purpose.

At Apotex® Mexico, we manufacture the products that we export to Latin America. Likewise, we import products manufactured in our facilities all over the world, for this reason, keeping a strict follow-up of the regulations in force in each of the countries where our products are marketed is very complex.

As part of our commitment to health and patients, we continually invest to ensure the quality of our products against a panorama of increasingly complex regulatory standards.