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World Mental Health Day


October 20, 2021

World Mental Health Day

October 10 marks the World Mental Health Day, and precisely in 2021 mental health is an issue that has gained relevance due to the impact that COVID-19 pandemic has had on people’s lives.

Mental health and well-being are fundamental to our collective and individual abilities to think, express emotions, interact with others, earn a living and enjoy life.

What is mental health?

It is the state of balance that must exist between people and the socio-cultural environment that surrounds them, including emotional, mental and social well-being and influences how each person thinks, feels, acts and reacts to moments of stress.

There may be a mental disorder when changes in thinking, feelings or behavior cause distress or impar a person’s functional ability. A mental health disorder can affect the ability to:

  • Maintain social relationships
  • Perform at work or school
  • Learn at a level commensurate with age or intelligence
  • Participate in other important activities

Determinants of mental health

Mental health is determined by multiple social and psychological and biological factors.

Poor mental health is associated with:

  • Social Factors:
    • Sudden social changes
    • Stressful working conditions
    • Social exclusión
    • Unhealthy lifestyles
    • Risks of violence
  • Specific personality and psychological factors that make a person more vulnerable to mental disorders
  • Biological factors dependent, for example, on genetic aspects or brain biochemical imbalances.

Care and treatment of mental health disorders

In the context of national efforts to develop and implement policies related to mental health, it is essential not only to protect and promote citizens mental well-being, but also to meet the needs of people with mental health disorders.

A general practitioner, psychiatrist, psychologist, clinical social worker, or other mental health professional can detect, refer or treat a mental health condition.

Recommendations to mantain good mental health

  • Have good eating habits
  • Exercise regularly
  • Mantain good interpersonal relationships
  • Avoid drug use
  • Sleep at least 8 hours a day
  • Carry out social, recreational, cultural and sport activities
  • Promote the habit of reading: reading improves attention, increases memory and reduces stress.


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