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Research & Development

Research & Development

Research at Apotex includes the development of generic, biosimilar and innovative pharmaceuticals.

New products have been a critical component of Apotex's growth and are central to fulfilling our company’s purpose and have resulted in the development of substantial expertise in formulation development, synthetic and analytical chemistry.

Apotex has invested over $1 billion over the past ten years to develop innovative product solutions in various categories. Apotex stands among the Top 100 in Canada’s corporate R&D spending.


Our pharmaceuticals are formulated to contain the exact same chemical and to produce the same beneficial effects as the original brand name products. The testing methods employed in Canada are some of the most rigorous used anywhere in the world and they incorporate bioequivalence studies comparing the two products. Confidence that our product is equivalent to the originator's product is provided by the Therapeutics Products Program of Health Canada, the Canadian Regulatory Agency, in their declaration of equivalence.

Clinical Studies

Our Clinical Operations Facility is one of the highest quality research facilities of its kind in India, located at Bangalore, Karnataka. We conduct Clinical Trials at this facility so we can compare our drug to a brand name drug that is currently available on the market. Bioequivalence testing is a critical step in having generic drugs approved by the appropriate regulatory bodies in a particular country.

Our Clinical Operations Facility has over 8,000 square meters of space with state-of-the-art clinical and bioanalytic labs and is capable of housing over 170 subjects. We have a staff of approximately 220, trained to international standards for clinical studies.