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Category: Innovation
Published: February 25, 2020

How Apotex is Using Data to Build for the Future

“The way we use and leverage our data will drive the strategic direction of our organization’s future,” says Aida Tahiri, Global Director, Finance and Business Analytics, who is leading Apotex’s Enterprise Data Management Program. “Managing our data across the whole enterprise, using it to deliver our business objectives and proactively support our future strategy, will enable Apotex to maintain our position as a market leader.”

Over the past year, a working group comprised of cross-functional team members has been collaborating to develop an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) framework for Apotex. EDM is the foundation of Apotex's digital transformation process and data maturity journey that starts with putting the architecture and technology in place to leverage Apotex's data assets.

What does leveraging Apotex’s data assets mean?

It means implementing a data strategy that supports and helps drive our enterprise operational plan. It means putting processes and capabilities in place to harness, manage and govern our ever-increasing amounts of valuable data. Data that is accurate, consistent, transparent, accessible and aligned with our business objectives.  This will enable us to make timelier, data-based decisions empowering us to be more proactive and strategic in future business planning.

This data-driven approach to business is truly transformative. It will enable Apotex to forge ahead with the best knowledge and insights available, often in real time. It will provide a powerful competitive edge by making Apotex more agile and able to respond even more rapidly to customer requirements, market changes and industry shifts.

All to better serve our customers and our patients.

It adds up to an empowered Apotex, fully leveraging data to continue to deliver on our singular purpose to improve access to affordable, innovative and high-quality solutions for millions of patients worldwide.