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Category: Our People
Published: February 3, 2020

Q&A With Fanny Kwok

Meet Fanny Kwok. She is the Associate Director, Engineering at our Richmond Hill, Ontario site. Fanny’s team focuses on taking care of the equipment and facilities at the site.

As an Apotex employee for 16 years, we asked Fanny about her experiences at the company and what she looks for in potential candidates.

Describe your journey with the Apotex team.

I started in the Manufacturing Technical Services department as an Equipment Engineer responsible for project and technical support activities related to equipment and facilities. Subsequently, I moved to the Research and Development group where I was responsible for development of manufacturing and packaging processes for submission and launch batches. Recently, I came back to the engineering area to my current role, where I work with the different engineering teams.

Can you expand on what the Engineering team does at Apotex?

The Engineering team is responsible for the execution, performance and outcomes of the Preventative Maintenance Program for the site. In collaboration with other departments, we develop and maintain an on-going equipment health assessment and capital planning that satisfies business needs.

The three groups in the Engineering team all have unique functions:

The Production Technical team is responsible for production equipment maintenance and continuous improvements. They ensure our equipment is producing products in a reliable fashion for optimal quality and productivity.

Our Building Systems team plays an important role in terms of taking care of our critical utilities systems, such as water systems, HVAC systems, and compressed air systems etc. They are especially important for the Richmond Hill site because we are a liquid dose site and we have sterile manufacturing. The team ensures the critical systems are in mint condition to deliver high  quality products.

The Facility Support Services team is responsible for maintaining the overall condition of the facility, ensuring its safety and cleanliness. They essentially take care of the well-being of all the employees at the site.

What influenced you to stay part of the Apotex team for 16 years?

The reason why I’ve spent so many years with Apotex is because I saw it as a company that would allow me to grow. I’ve always been given the opportunity to work in different groups and areas. Apotex does not hesitate to give you opportunities as long as you are ready to seize them. Over the years, I was given projects where I could learn through experience and that is how I built my knowledge and network.

What are some opportunities that a potential candidate might have on the Engineering team?

Once they are on the team, they will be exposed to our different equipment, systems and working environments. We are always working on continuous improvement, so team members have opportunities to provide suggestions for improvement.

What do you enjoy most about coming to work at Apotex each day?

The most enjoyable thing is coming to work knowing you are making a difference. I know that I am going to help someone – whether it is someone within the organization or a patient across the world.

As a leader, what qualities do you look for in team members or potential candidates?

Aside from the technical requirements, the most important quality I am looking for in team members would be their attitude, willingness to learn, assertiveness and continuous improvement mindset. From my perspective, the technical skills can be learned over time, but the mindset is the most important attribute for a good candidate.

As a woman in engineering, what advice would you give to girls or women who are looking to start a career in engineering?

Don’t underestimate yourself! It comes back to your attitude and willingness to learn – if you have a will there is a way.

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