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Category: Our Culture
Published: October 23, 2019

How Apotex Demonstrates that Integrity is a Shared Responsibility

Enhancing the ethics and compliance culture in an organization may rest firmly on the shoulders of corporate leadership and those who oversee the function, however, at Apotex, we believe that integrity is a shared responsibility.

With this in mind, every employee attests annually to the Apotex Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. This Code articulates what is expected from our employees – that we always operate with the utmost of integrity, conducting our business ethically and in compliance with regulatory requirements, standards and laws - without exception.

Furthermore, what is expected of all Apotex employees is that we speak up if we feel a violation of the Code has occurred. There is no leeway when it comes to integrity. Our reputation as a trustworthy and reliable organization depends on this. How do we help to ensure that we remain steadfast in this fundamental way of operating?

Enter the Ethics Liaison Network (ELN).


Members of the Ethics Liaison Network in Canada 

Comprised of a cross-functional group of global employees, the intent of Apotex’s ELN is to encourage open dialogue regarding ethics and conduct within the organization to encourage a culture where everyone feels empowered to share any concerns.

Acting as a conduit, the ELN builds a bridge between our global workforce and a team of global Ethics and Compliance Officers. This facilitates education, enhances communication, and encourages the sharing of information, questions and advice.

At Apotex we believe that only through frank and robust collaboration between our grassroots organization and our leaders, can an ethical and compliant culture continue to evolve.

Committed to a two-year term, our ELN builds the profile of ethics and compliance within Apotex. The network also creates connections between employees which helps to build a speak up culture that creates the kind of workplace where Apotex employees feel welcome and included, free to express their views and opinions, and confident that their ideas will be heard and recognized.