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Category: Our People
Published: February 12, 2021

Meet Two of Our APOcampus Students

Our APOcampus program, provides a hands-on learning experience, encompassing co-op, internships, graduate and, post-graduate placements. Undergraduate and graduate students can apply and further develop the skills learned in the classroom to real life work.

At Apotex, we are fortunate to have continued to hire APOcampus students throughout the pandemic. While their experience may look a bit different, their growth, development and safety remains top of mind.

Each student experiences a uniquely designed APOcampus placement based on their area of study, development, and career goals. We strive to give students the opportunity to realize their full potential and gain the experience they need to succeed in the future.  

We asked some of our current APOcampus students about their experience at Apotex.

Aakash JeyakumarMeet Aakash Jeyakumar, our Finance Co-op student studying Accounting and Finance  at Ryerson University.

Describe what your placement experience has been like at Apotex.

I started my placement in May 2020, my experience here has been amazing. My team has made sure I have the training and required knowledge to succeed in my role and always provide me with great insights regarding Apotex, the pharmaceutical industry and finance specific processes. Since we are working remotely, we have weekly touchpoints to connect and help build my relationship with the team.

As a student entering the workforce for the first time, Apotex has really helped me develop my soft and technical skills. It is great to gain professional experience in a supporting environment. Apotex has helped me gain valuable skills that I will use throughout my professional career and I have been able to collaborate with amazing team members who have helped me throughout my journey. Most importantly Apotex values their APOcampus students and their time put into the company, they listen and implement your contributions.

What part of your placement did you enjoy the most?

Revamping the monthly reporting. I had the opportunity to improve the quality and efficiency of the reporting that our team submits to stakeholders. I was able to showcase my ideas and had the freedom to make it my own. Independently contributing ideas and receiving feedback from my team has made my placement a great learning experience.

Describe the skills and/or knowledge you acquired through your placement.

Throughout my experience at Apotex, I have gained a lot of knowledge about what it is like to work in finance and the pharmaceutical industry. I have also learned industry leading technical programs such as SAP database usage and Qlik.

JulianaOnesi (002)Meet Juliana Onesi, our Process Packaging Student Engineer studying Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University.

Describe what your placement experience has been like at Apotex.

I started my one-year placement in September 2020, my role has been a combination of observing the packaging lines while on-site, and working remotely on packaging metrics, change controls, and continuous improvement projects.

What part of your placement did you enjoy the most?

I have enjoyed learning about the operational equipment and observing how the machines function on the packaging lines. Walking through the packaging operations of a pharmaceutical plant is a unique experience, and everyone on the floor was very welcoming and knowledgeable.

Describe the skills and/or knowledge you acquired through your placement.

In the past few months, I have gained technical skills such as VBA programming, SAP database usage, and Good Documentation Practices. I have also learned about processes specific to packaging, such as pharmaceutical serialization, and the required qualifications and installation process of our equipment.

What would you say to someone who was considering the APOcampus program?

The APOcampus program provides many great learning opportunities, depending on what type of work you are interested in. Each placement has different requirements and training opportunities, all of which are valuable experiences. You will acquire knowledge unique to your position while gaining skills that are transferable to future roles. 

Are you looking to join a passionate, innovative team? Explore our open placements here.