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Category: Our People
Published: January 29, 2021

Q&A with Prasad Panzade

Meet Prasad Panzade, Senior Director of the Analytical Research and Development team at Apotex. He leads a team that is responsible for the development and validation of analytical methods that are required to characterize and identify the elements of our products.

We asked Prasad about his experience at Apotex and what he looks for in potential candidates.

Describe your journey with the Apotex team.

I first joined the Apotex team in early 2000 as a Chemist at our Etobicoke site, it was my first job in North America. I came to Canada with my PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a desire to help others. I am now, the Senior Director of the Analytical Research and Development team at Apotex.

Analytical R&D is the science that deals with the development and validation of analytical methods that are required to characterize and identify the elements of a product. My team develops and prepares the complete specifications for raw materials, APIs, finished product, intermediates and excipients as they pertain to new product development.

What do you enjoy most about working at Apotex each day?

My favorite part about going to work each day is the group of people I get to work with, both on-site, and remotely. I am always being pushed to take on new and challenging opportunities by my colleagues. Although a large portion of our workforce is currently working remotely, I have been able to stay connected with my colleagues and team as if we are all on-site. Apotex is truly a team and I am so thankful for the inspiration, support and guidance I continue to receive from my colleagues.

You are currently looking to fill a variety of roles on your team, what qualities do you look for in a potential candidate?

We are looking to fill Analytical Chemists, Sample Coordinators and Lab Assistants roles on the Analytical R&D team. After looking at a candidate’s technical experience, I look for someone who is a team player, critical thinker, is inquisitive and, has an entrepreneurial mindset as we take great pride in inclusively working together and challenging the status quo at Apotex.

As a leader, how do you motivate your team? 

Motivation is an essential part of any workplace and as leader I constantly strive to make my team feel motivated and inspired. As a leader, part of my role is contributing to my team’s development and ensuring they are equipped with the skills and opportunities to achieve their career aspirations. It is important to me to ensure that my team members feel encouraged and inspired on a daily basis. I make sure to do the following with my team:

  1. Share my vision and set achievable targets
  2. Maintain daily communication
  3. Encourage teamwork within the teams and cross functionally
  4. Identify potential development opportunities
  5. Enforce a safe and respectful working environment
  6. Provide positive feedback and employee recognition rewards

What is one thing you would like people to know about working at Apotex?

When I joined Apotex I wanted to gain experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Once I started, I realized this was an organization that truly supports the development of its employees. Apotex has an Employee Experience culture focus and our leaders work closely with each member their teams to create performance management plans that encourage career progression.  

You have been with Apotex for many years, what has influenced you to stay?

Over the last 20 years, I have continued to be inspired by how the organization works together to deliver on our purpose of helping millions of our patients around the world have access to affordable medicines. I am able to be part of our purpose coming to life each day and work with incredibly talented and energetic teams.

I am motivated by the vision that our founder had for Apotex, his passion is instilled in me and motivates me to think outside of the box. I use this inspiration to embody our mission and commitment to our patients every day.

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