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Published: June 4, 2020

To Our Heroes Challenge

In April, we launched the "To Our Heroes Challenge" inviting children and grandchildren of Apotex employees to create artwork and inspirational messages in support of frontline workers, including our very own Apotex Everyday Heroes.

The challenge was inspired by Arun Prasath, Vice-President, Global Research & Development who first shared an essay written about “Our Heroes” by his 9-year-old son, Aaditya Prasath. Arun then asked the Global Research & Development leadership team to send in artwork or letters created by their children as a form of inspiration and motivation for the team. From there, Apotex shared a global callout to all employees to submit creative work with the phrase “To Our Heroes” by their children or grandchildren.

“In times of crisis, we receive comfort and inspiration from our families,” says Arun Prasath. “During this global pandemic our Apotex family came together to create drawings, letters and poems to show their appreciation for frontline workers.”

We received over 100 submissions from around the world. They were creative, awe-inspiring and reminded us that no matter our age, we all play a part in supporting one another. Children used some of their spare time to work on their submissions and show their gratitude for our frontline workers.

“I am really thankful to Apotex for giving me an opportunity to applaud all the frontline workers that have tirelessly been fighting this pandemic to ensure our safety and well-being. Also thank you to all those Apotex employees for continuing to make medications during this tough time,” says 18-year-old, Stuti Kantawala who submitted a piece of artwork.

The challenge brought positivity to these difficult times and highlighted the talent that our Apotex children and grandchildren have. Some families even worked together on the project.

“We [Danreb and his wife] are proud Apotex employees and parents who can teach our children how to care more for others. It was a great family bonding activity during this difficult time,” says Danreb Manabat, Technical Writer, Manufacturing Documents. “It’s a simple way to appreciate the great work of our colleagues and the frontline personnel. Our sons had a great time with painting, and we shared in happy moments while pasting the letter cutouts from a magazine. I hope our gesture can somehow put a smile on the faces of Our Heroes.”

We appreciate the time and effort that our Apotex children and grandchildren have put into these pieces of art, below is a compilation of some of the submissions we received.