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We believe that accessible, accurate and unbiased drug information is an important component of an effective healthcare system. Since 1995, DISpedia, Apotex's Drug Information Service, has been assisting healthcare professionals using an extensive collection of literature resources. We offer professional service and accurate responses you can trust. That is why we have kept our #1 ranking in overall medical information support. (PharmaTrack 2005 Survey, PharmaTrack 2007 Survey)

Professional Experience

Our healthcare team includes pharmacists, doctors and medical scientists - all skilled researchers. With over 25 years of combined experience, we deliver reliable information to over 850 healthcare professionals per month.

Vast Resources

In addition to the broad knowledge of drugs and therapeutics offered by our professionals, we have collected an extensive list of resources. These include printed and electronic references, in-house databases and internet search capabilities.

Quality Service

We deliver fast, friendly service free of charge. We make sure that you get a complete answer that’s been thoroughly researched. With immediate access to information, we can often provide an accurate response right away.

The Services

General Drug and Disease Questions

Whether you have a question about natural remedies, disease states or any pharmaceutical product, our extensive resources help us provide you with the information you need at the point of care.

Apotex Product Information

To ensure the safe and effective use of our more than 275 generic drugs, our healthcare professionals have an excellent knowledge of Apotex products. Whether you need to identify a product or require pharmacotherapeutic information, you can ask us anything.

Internal Services

We work closely with our internal Regulatory, Quality, Customer Service, Product Planning, Sales and Marketing and Drug Safety departments. We offer educational sessions, professional input and advice regarding our current and future product line.

Special Access Program

For Apotex, drugs available through Health Canada’s Special Access Program, we facilitate the availability of the medication to the patients as quickly as possible to aid their case.

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