Security of Supply & Quality

Photo of man in a warehouse driving a forklift with a skid of pills.

Apotex has created a portfolio and pipeline that spans six continents. Through vertical integration, we can adjust and react to various global markets, ensuring stability in a dynamic supply and business environment.

Vertical Integration

The Apotex family of companies allows us to take a product from concept to packaged good in an efficient, cost-effective manner. And while our processes are well established and strictly controlled, we maintain a level of flexibility that allows us to not only meet today's demands but anticipate tomorrow's. Our global network of resources allows us to control every facet of bringing a potentially life-saving therapy to the people that need it:

  • Research & Development: Global product development, formulation and testing facilities.
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: Control of the consistency and reliability of our APIs.
  • Clinical Development: Studies streamlined through Apotex-owned Biomedical Hospitals.
  • Manufacturing: State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities on four continents.
  • Finished Goods: Gelatin capsule facility, bottle and cap manufacturing and packaging sites.
  • Marketing & Distribution: In-house capabilities ensure supply and quality consistency.


At Apotex, quality is a priority and is driven at every level of the enterprise – product development, manufacturing, packaging, the supply chain, and customer service. We pride ourselves on our solid compliance record maintained with the FDA, as well as the modern automated facilities, equipment, and data management systems we use. The company employs 750 highly educated and trained staff in Quality and the Quality Laboratories focused solely on product quality, ensuring only the highest quality medicines reach the market.

Apotex also continually strives to provide quality in customer service, and we do this by putting customers first. Over the years, Apotex has developed established and valued corporate relationships by ensuring reliable supply, meeting customers' pricing needs, and providing responsive and timely communication. The end result – solid, dependable customer service.


While Apotex is at the forefront of drug-related research, we're also leading the way in finding superior methods of manufacturing, testing, packaging and distributing our quality medicines. We produce and distribute medicine and health care products, using state-of-the-art facilities that are among the best in the world.

Each of our products must be tested continually to meet internal quality goals, as well as FDA regulations. Each formulation has a particular stability profile, and Apotex manufacturing chemists must know and track the characteristics of each product. Thousands of drug batches are routinely tracked and tested in an ongoing stability assurance program.

Apotex has recently expanded its facilities, and now relies on new, modern installations that allow us to manufacture and package medicines in Canada, Mexico and other parts of the world, helping to satisfy the global demand for affordable quality medicines. Each of our facilities honors an "open-door policy," encouraging inspections and exceeding expectations.


Packaging sample photo

Driving quality packaging:

  • Distinctive, easy-to-recognize blue cap
  • Large, clear NDC reference
  • Important information is visible on all sides of the package
  • Background colors change by product - alphabetically
  • Uniform color coding system for all product strengths
  • Clear Rx warning area
  • Oral solid bottles standardized to 7 sizes for simpler space planning and inventory management
  • FDA recommended "tall man" lettering convention

Supply Chain

Apotex has developed cutting-edge production processes and techniques, ranging from equipment designs to manufacturing and packaging techniques – as well as testing procedures aimed at reducing the overall cost of drug delivery to the patient.

The Apotex QA Supply Chain group works with production, packaging and distribution staff to build quality into every Apotex product – from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of product to the customer.

Supply Chain Realization ensures quality through all significant stages in the flow of materials. This includes the sourcing and procurement of raw materials and components; management of production-related documentation; scheduling of production, packaging and laboratory activities; inventory control; warehousing and the distribution of finished product.

This specialized department allows Apotex to maximize the use of the company's resources and provides a superior level of customer service.

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