Expanding Product Portfolio

With 20 to 30 new product launches each year — and more new products than any other generic company over the last decade — Apotex is aggressively bringing generic products to market.

Among generic manufacturers, Apotex stands alone in opposing anti-competitive patent settlements that delay generic competition, both by litigating against them and in advocating against them to FTC and Congress.

  • Authorized Generics: Apotex opposes authorized generics and supports passage of legislation pending in Congress that would ban them during the 180 day exclusivity period
  • Generic Biologics: Apotex is working with a broad coalition of interests on securing passage of legislation creating a pathway for the approval of generic biologics
  • AMP: Apotex has and continues to partner with pharmacy in lobbying Congress to fix CMS' misguided AMP rule
  • Anti-Generic Substitution Campaign in the States: Apotex is partnering with a coalition of organizations to combat the brand industry's nationwide campaign to pass anti-generic substitution in the states
  • Foreign Inspections: Apotex supports proposals in Congress to raise money for inspections of foreign API and finished dosage manufacturers through facility registration fees
  • Track and Trace: Apotex is dedicated to reaching a workable solution for global supply chain needs and supports the establishment of a federal standard

Product Development

Research at Apotex includes the development of both generic and innovative pharmaceuticals. We currently have more than 600 generic, innovative and biotechnology products in development. New generic products are an important part of our growth and have resulted in the development of substantial expertise in Product Development, BioClinical Development, Regulatory & Medical Affairs and Project Management.

Our research on new chemical entities is conducted by our subsidiary ApoPharma Inc. with a focus on the areas of hematology, neurodegenerative diseases and psoriasis. Extensive research is being done on developing permeant iron chelators for the treatment of several neurodegenerative diseases. Our newest area of research, psoriasis, saw ApoPharma initiate clinical trials in 2008 to evaluate the safety and efficacy of a novel dipeptide that has demonstrated a remarkable safety profile in animal toxicity testing.

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