September 20, 2010

Eleven medals in Polish Championships

Eleven medals in Polish Championships

Eleven medals in the Polish Championships and two fourth places of Monika Pudlis during the World Championships are just a foretaste of winning during this year's season for disabled athletes – the third Apotex team!

The athletics season is still under way, and the bag with medals is bursting at the seams. The IKS "SMOK" LOTOS APOTEX Orneta contestants are still being talked about in Poland, and thanks to Monika Pudlis, also in the world. This summer, Monika won the gold medal during the Polish Championships in Bielsko-Biała twice – joint start and time trial. She is the winner of the Polish Cup, and first and foremost, she won the fourth place in the World Championships in Canada twice. One could say that this was twice an unlucky place, particularly for a sportswoman who is unrivalled, but on the other hand it may be a good signal in the perspective of next year's Championships or Olympic Games in London, particularly as Monika was twice in the fifth place during the World Championships in 2009. As the saying goes, appetite comes with eating, so maybe it is time for a place on the podium next year.

Eleven medals in Polish Championships

Men may also boast medals. The Polish Cup won by Bogdan Król and two gold medals of Robert Nowicki during the Polish Championships, similarly as Monika Pudlis in joint start and time trial, are the outcome of the participation of leaders in the most important events.

This summer, the team entered an event almost every weekend, that is why it is impossible to present results for each race. However, the participation in already traditional races definitely deserves a mention – the June Józef Żylewicz Memorial Track Event, during which a block of competitions for the disabled was held, prepared by the Lechia Athletic Club together with the Grańsk PFRON branch for the Wybrzeże Combined Heat and Power Plant President's Cup. The events comprised a 1500 wheelchair race and shot-putting. All medal places were seized by representatives of IKS "SMOK" LOTOS APOTEX.

Eleven medals in Polish Championships

In the 17th International Saint Dominik's Race in Gdańsk held in August, our wheelchair team participated for the ninth time in a row. The first to triumph in this year's event was the favourite Monika Pudlis, and among men, the PFRON CUP was won by Bogdan Król.

Straight from the Polish Championships in Bielsko-Biała, the team left for the 100km track of the 24th Zamojskie Children Memorial Race. After four days of struggle, three women outclassed their rivals; Monika Pudlis, Monika Seligowska, and Marzena Kołodziejczyk stood on the podium (all from IKS "SMOK").

"There is no such strong and balanced wheelchair team as the one from IKS "SMOK" LOTOS APOTEX anywhere else in Poland."

"This is the eighteenth time I take part in this event (23rd Zamojskie Children Memorial Race). How many times have I won? So many that I cannot remember", admits Bogdan Król with a smile.

"How do you win so often? – You practice and somehow it happens," says Monika Pudlis modestly. "I know every crack on the road from Orneta to Morąg. I do 35 kilometres there every day..."

This is just a few words from press articles, but probably fully reflecting the strength, and most of all intentions of members of the Apotex team, led by Bogdan Król and unrivalled Monika Pudlis.

We wish you a success and look forward to more!!!