May 5, 2010

Apotex for Disabled Athletes

Apotex for Disabled Athletes

In March 2010 our company established cooperation with disabled sports athletes – in addition to Yachtsmen (Apotex Sailing Team) and Footballers (Apotex Football Team). Nineteen athletes representing the "SMOK LOTOS" Sports Integration Club from Orneta are mainly wheelchair riders and runners. Despite their physical impairments they create and promote initiatives, attitudes and activities favouring development of sport and recreation of the disabled.

The "Smok Lotos" Sports Integration Club and APOTEX INC. share the same mission of promoting the "alternative" lifestyle of the disabled, facilitating the integration of the society and supporting any activities helping blur the line between the world of healthy athletes and disabled ones.

In our opinion, promotion of sport of the disabled is not only of great significance for the society – most of all it is a challenge for the strength and character of people who, by overcoming their own bodies' weaknesses, present unique values to us.

Apotex for Disabled Athletes

Since the establishment of the Club (2003) the competitors have been among the national and world leaders in this sports discipline. In women's category they have never lost in any national competitions, and Monika Pudlis, the best competitor, is among the world leaders. Bogdan Król, the Club representative, gained a great number of significant victories in several hundred competitions, set a lot of records in races, many of which have not been beaten so far. He is the winner of the New York Marathon Race 2003 and the world vice-champion of 2004. He also took part in the Atlanta Paralympics. The "SMOK" Sports Integration Club is also a member of the Polish Sports Association for the Disabled "Start".

The team includes nineteen disabled competitors – wheelchair riders and one runner. The team leaders are: Monika Pudlis, Monika Seligowska, Bogdan Król, Robert Nowicki and Wiesław Matejuk. In 2009, the competitors participated in 28 races, of which 8 competitions were held abroad. The first competition beginning the season was the participation of four leading competitors from the Al Ain Club in the United Arab Emirates. Monika Pudlis took the second place there, following the Olympic champion in the marathon race. Bogdan Król took the sixth place. In June, like every year, they participated in the Józef Dylewicz Memorial events and the Saint Dominic's Race in Gdańsk and stressed their presence by taking leading places among women and men. During the Poland's Road Championship in Bielsko- Biała the team of the "Smok" Sports Integration Club from Orneta took the first place, winning eight medals and outdistancing nine teams.

Thanks to their solid work full of laborious training, perseverance and invincible fighting spirit they have completed the 2009 season with numerous successes of the competitors in Poland and abroad. As they say, they owe their successes in large measure to their sponsors, one of which is APOTEX INC.

Let us hope that fruitful cooperation in 2010 will give us a chance to celebrate our future achievements, and let us choose the following idea to be our motto for now...