September 30, 2008
For Immediate Release

Five Years of Apotex Sailing Team

Apotex Sailing Team

Cooperation of Włodzimierz Radwaniecki's team with Apotex dates back to 2003.

The team consisting of:

Skipper: Włodzimierz Radwaniecki is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk, Department of Training, sailing specialization. He is a Polish representative in the Olympic Finn Class of many year's standing. He holds the titles of the Polish Champion of 1991, the Finnish Vice-Champion of 1998, the Polish Vice-Champion, to name just the most important of his achievements in the Finn Class.

Piotr Kucharski and Maciej Felski have for many years entered races as a team, initially in the Omega Class and currently in the Skippi650 Class, winning gold, silver and bronze medals.

The most important successes of the Apotex Sailing Team consisting of Włodzimierz Radwaniecki, Piotr Kucharski and Maciej Felski include:

The Omega Class:

  • two Polish vice-championship titles;
  • the Match Champion of Poland;
  • the bronze medal in the Polish Championship.

They were three times second and twice third in the Polish Cup general score. The team won the Poland's Cabin Yachts Cup general score and two Northern Poland Championship titles as well as victories in dozens of Polish Cup level and other races.

In the 2008 season the team changed the class and currently they enter races in a Skippi650 yacht. The yacht's modern construction is intended for regatta and it requires high skills from the sailors.

During the first season the team familiarized themselves with the yacht and gained experience in its structure, obviously without putting aside sports competition. This was best proven by the places on the podium in the Polish Cup Regattas and their greatest success to date – a bronze medal in the Skippi Class European Cup. This has been the most prestigious race in the Skippi Class so far.