Photo of many Apo-TriAvir pills.Serving the needs of humanity.

In the quest to bring quality affordable medications to the world, Apotex was the only company to research and develop a Canadian made triple combination AIDS drug under Canada's Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR). As part of our objective to give back to our communities we decided that we would offer Apo-TriAvir on a "not for profit" basis to countries that would apply through the CAMR. Why are we doing this? It’s the right thing to do to alleviate human suffering and save the lives of thousands of people who would otherwise die without access to life saving medicines.

Bill C-393 and CAMR

Apotex comments on Bill C-393, An Act to Amend the Patent Act (drugs for international humanitarian purposes). Please read our letter to members of parliament and our submission to the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology: