Clinical Operations

Photo of clinical recruits watching television at the clinical facility.

Our Clinical Operations Facility is one of the highest quality research facilities of its kind in North America. We recruit normal healthy individuals to participate as a subject in our Clinical Trials. Remuneration is provided upon completion of the study.

Clinical Operations is a part of BioClinical Development of Apotex Inc. which is located at 465 Garyray Drive in Toronto, Ontario. We conduct Clinical Trials at our facility to compare our drug to a brand name drug that is currently available on the market.

In order for you to participate in a Clinical Trial you will first have to pass Screening. Screening involves various components, such as, ECG (Electrocardiogram), blood / urine test, and interview. You will be given specific information about the study that you have expressed interest in participating in. Any potential side effects that you may encounter during the study will also be outlined. This will be done at our facility at no cost to you. Along with some routine blood and urine tests we will also screen for HIV, Hepatitis, marijuana use and / or nicotine use. Prior to commencing the actual Screening you will be presented with an informed consent.

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