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Medication Review

The counselling provided during a medication review is a valuable professional service offered by pharmacists to their patients. It will not only assist your patients to better understand their medications, but also establishes an on-going dialogue that will assist you in better managing your patients' medication needs over time.

The Apotex Medication Review Program works alongside your desktop dispensing system*, to allow you to seamlessly integrate medication review services into your existing pharmacy practice. It increases efficiency in conducting a medication review, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on potential medication issues.

The Apotex Medication Review Program supports the important role of the pharmacist in the provision of health care by...

  • Automatically alerting pharmacy staff in real time of eligible patients based on provincial regulations**, saving you time and maximizing your medication review opportunities;
  • Analyzing the patient profile to determine the eligible medication review type; providing a customized Dear Patient letter, outlining the benefits of the medication review service;
  • Using the in-store integration with the dispensing system to pre-fill medication review forms with personal and medication information from the patient's dispensing system profile and previously completed medication reviews;
  • Providing the ability to efficiently document and track any drug related issues, medication notations such "Reason for Use" and "Special Instructions", notes for your patient, private pharmacist notes, and a physician fax;
  • Printing out the required documentation, including counselling advice and next steps to ensure continuity of care;
  • Carrying forward all prior documentation to each subsequent review, saving you time and allowing you to focus on important changes;
  • Automatically placing the correct billing PIN into your dispensing system for processing, ensuring no fees are ever lost or missed;
  • Helping you organize appointment times and patient follow-ups using the appointment calendar;
  • Providing in-store reporting as a means of encouraging a team approach to supporting this valuable professional service.
Medication Review Process

Contact your Apotex Sales Representative to order the Apotex Medication Review Program today.

* The program is compatible with most dispensing systems, for more information speak to your Apotex Sales Representative

** An Apotex Medication Review program that meets the province's regulations is available in most provinces. For more information speak to your Apotex Sales Representative


The iPharmacist program is a customized app for iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod® Touch. Designed by Apotex for pharmacists, it provides you with a breadth of up-to-date information and tools conveniently accessible from a single, easy-to-use source. With the resources you require to manage your practice, available at the touch of a button whenever and wherever needed, the iPharmacist program empowers you to deliver the best quality care to your patients.

Learn more about the information and tools available through the iPharmacist program here

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Apotex Concierge Service

As the business and practice of pharmacy continue to evolve, Apotex Business Solutions can provide ongoing support for you and your pharmacy, helping you build your business and your practice. Gain access to a comprehensive network of products, services, and solutions offered by leading industry vendors.

Whatever the need, the Apotex Concierge Team can help.

Let us help you access the following:

Vendors and Suppliers

Vendors and Suppliers

Whether you need to source home healthcare products, pharmacy supplies, automation and more, the Apotex Concierge Team can assist you in finding the right products and services for your business.

Professional Programs and Services

Professional Programs and Services

Improve business efficiency and customer retention with help from industry experts in professional development, consulting, patient education, clinic days, and much more.

Marketing and Consulting

Marketing and Consulting

From marketing strategy and research, to website development and brochures, let us introduce you to today's leading professionals who will ensure your goals are met on budget and on time.

Pharmacy Building and Maintenance

Pharmacy Building and Maintenance

Get connected with reliable and experienced vendors and suppliers who can help with the improvement and maintenance of your building while you focus on running your business.

For more information on the Apotex Concierge Service, please contact your local Apotex Sales Representative.

Pharmaceutical Opinion (Ontario Only)


Resolving drug related problems is an essential service provided by a pharmacist to their patients. The Ontario Pharmaceutical Opinion program pays pharmacies $15 when a potential drug related problem is identified for ODB recipients and a clinical recommendation to resolve the problem is provided to the prescriber. The Apotex Pharmaceutical Opinion Program increases efficiency in conducting this clinical intervention with your patients, allowing you to easily identify potential drug related problems and complete the required documentation.

The Apotex Pharmaceutical Opinion Program seamlessly integrates with your existing desktop dispensing system and can be used with or without the Medication Review program to help you promote healthier patient outcomes.

The Apotex Pharmaceutical Opinion Program streamlines the clinical intervention process from start to finish by...

  • Automatically alerting for potential drug-related problems.
  • Allowing you to quickly identify and efficiently document the drug-related problem as per Ontario regulations.
  • Providing a clear, professional Pharmaceutical Opinion Documentation Form for the physician, encouraging the required feedback.
  • Automatically writing back the correct billing PIN into your dispensing system for processing, ensuring no billing is ever lost or missed.
  • Saving all documentation electronically for future reference.

The Apotex Pharmaceutical Opinion Program has been designed to help support your efforts to improve and optimize drug therapy.

Pharmaceutical Opinion Process

Contact your Apotex Sales Representative to order the Apotex Pharmaceutical Opinion Program today.

The program is compatible with most dispensing systems, for more information speak to your Apotex Sales Representative.

To learn more about the Pharmaceutical Opinion Program, please see



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