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Apotex believes that every man, woman and child is entitled to affordable medical care and freedom from pain and suffering.

For over 35 years, we have met the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow and have fought hard to build a successful Canadian pharmaceutical industry. With an important strategy of vertical integration, Apotex has built an unsurpassed scientific and manufacturing infrastructure. We've done this with the objective of Advancing Generics.

Manufacturing, technology and science are the key features of our place in the pharmaceutical industry. The world has a tremendous need for quality, affordable medicines.

We have built the facilities, the scientific R&D base, and have the technology to meet the healthcare needs of the world.

Born out of entrepreneurial efforts and strong Canadian roots, Apotex today is the largest Canadian owned pharmaceutical company with more employees and facilities than any other pharmaceutical company. Its manufacturing capacity is greater than the combined facilities of all foreign-owned multinational companies located in Canada.

The Apotex Group of Companies is positioned for the future with a Strategic Plan, and a simple mission statement, "To Build one of the world's most successful independent pharmaceutical companies in R&D, quality, manufacturing, sales and customer service."

In 1974, with 2 employees and no sales, no one could have predicted our success or growth.

As one of the very last Canadian owned pharmaceutical companies, Apotex is at the forefront of advancing the cause of providing affordable healthcare; we are a Canadian leader in the industry, ensuring quality and security of supply of our products, developing a broad based product portfolio, and working to build business solutions for our many partners. We call this Advancing Generics for the benefit of the Canadian healthcare system.

We have invested in our future with a planned Research and Development program that will spend close to $2 billion within the next ten years.

But that's enough of overviews; let's have a quick tour of the Apotex Group. We'll start at our headquarters area in Toronto, where we have eleven facilities including leading edge hi-tech manufacturing facilities. Expansions have occurred regularly over the last 8 years to meet the needs of the domestic and international healthcare markets. Apotex has many submissions for U.S. regulatory review as well as being a leader for generic drug approvals.

The new manufacturing facilities were built on the concept of using gravity to assist in the production process. Automated guided vehicles or AGV's do all the heavy work. Production moves from floor to floor in what is one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world.

Also, key components at the head office campus are laboratories in every size containing hundreds of millions of dollars of technology.

The BioMedical Research Group includes a clinical facility housing 104 beds. Here, the studies can be done for generic pharmaceuticals, and the early phases of new innovative medicines.

The head office area has specialty production facilities for the manufacture of antibiotics.

The Etobicoke Site is also a state-of-the-art R&D and production facility using gravity to assist in the manufacturing process. This facility was voted one of the 5 best in the world by the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers.

Liquids andsolutions are the key products at the Richmond Hill site of Apotex, another member of the Apotex Group. This facility uses innovative technology to manufacture its products and has undergone a major expansion.

Supplying fine chemicals for the production of pharmaceuticals is Apotex PharmaChem in Brantford, Ontario. A key member of the Apotex Group, it researches and develops fine chemicals in our objective to be vertically integrated. The facility has recently gone through a major expansion to meet our R&D product program to develop hundreds of medicines and is unique in Canada.

Also supplying fine chemicals to the Group is Apotex Fermentation in Manitoba. It has state of the art laboratories and fermentation facilities for products like cyclosporins and cholesterol reducing drugs like Pravastatin and Simvastatin.

The Apotex Group of companies includes Cangene, which focuses on the important area of biotechnology. With facilities in Manitoba, Cangene is one of the largest and most successful biotechnology companies in Canada. The Manitoba operation is located on the campus of the University of Manitoba and includes a facility dedicated to DNA research.

As you can see we are committed to making healthcare affordable. Apotex and its Group of Companies are also very important to the hi-tech research, development and manufacturing economy of Canada. In over 35 years, we have built a tremendous infrastructure, created jobs for thousands of Canadians and made innovation the key to everything we do. Why? Because we are not just any pharmaceutical company, we are Canada's Pharmaceutical Company, committed to Advancing Generics.

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