September 17, 2009
For Immediate Release

Important Information On Apotex Health Products

Toronto, ON (September 17, 2009) - This communiqué is an update to Health Canada's press release of today's date (7:16 p.m.) relating to three of Apotex's products, Apo-Amilzide (5-50 mg), Apo-Meloxicam (7.5 & 15 mg) and Apo- Ranitidine (75 & 150 mg).

On September 4, 2009, as noted by Health Canada, Apotex voluntarily recalled a small number of lots of these three products. The recall was minor in nature. All lots met specifications, and no patient has experienced any problem from taking these medicines.

No other lots of these products and no other Apotex products are affected by this recall.

Apotex is Canada's leading pharmaceutical manufacturer. It produces and sells over 15 billion units annually of over 200 different medicines. Nearly 1 in 5 prescriptions in Canada is filled every day with an Apotex product. Apotex is also Canada's largest investor in pharmaceutical research, Canada's largest manufacturer of pharmaceutical chemicals, and Canada's largest exporter of pharmaceutical products.

Over the last 30 years, all of Apotex's facilities in Canada have been the subject of routine and continuous inspections by Health Canada without any significant concern about the quality of its facilities and the products that are produced. Apotex welcomes ongoing oversight and dialogue with Health Canada, including site inspections.

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