The Apotex name is found on products and medicines used every day in thousands of hospitals and clinics around the globe on every continent.

With close to 300 prescription medicines, Apotex products are being utilized worldwide. As a matter of fact, we export to over 115 countries with a direct presence, a joint venture or a distributor relationship in most of these locations.

Our objective is simple. We are committed to being one of the world's leading suppliers of quality affordable medications that are researched, developed and manufactured right here in Canada.

This approach to healthcare solutions has taken Apotex into every corner of the world with the objective of expanding our exports and building trade for Canada. Apotex does business through subsidiaries and joint ventures, on every continent.

This global expansion has allowed Canadian technology to make a significant impact on the lives of millions of people, many of whom would otherwise suffer from inadequate availability of essential medicines.

We are a Canadian-based world class pharmaceutical company that serves the needs of the global healthcare systems with quality affordable medicines.

Chairman's Message

Apotex Inc., now the largest Canadian-owned pharmaceutical company in the country, has done business in Canada over 35 years. We have grown over the years in terms of physical size, number of employees and, we believe, in stature - stature as a responsible corporate citizen.

We are an integral part of the society in which we exist, a respected member of the communities where we operate and where our employees live. As a free enterprise, we enjoy opportunities and value the rights which our society confers.

Corporate giving to support our communities and our direct customers - the pharmacist is one way to fulfill obligations and live up to responsibilities. When we strengthen our stakeholder, we strengthen ourselves. Truly, all are strengthened. With a strong pharmacy profession we can ensure better health outcomes.

This section sets out the philosophical and practical approaches we take to the corporate donations program administered by the Apotex Foundation and other non-charitable donations. We trust it will serve as a valuable guide for anyone inquiring about our corporate giving activities.

Dr. Bernard Sherman

Photo of Dr. Bernard Sherman

Dr. Bernard Sherman

Corporate Giving

Our specific priority at Apotex is to work collaboratively with members of the pharmacy profession and to provide financial support for a wide variety of professional programs and research initiatives on both, national and regional levels. Ultimately, these activities will benefit not only the patient but also the pharmacist in the hospital, community or university environments.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, we are proud to be at the forefront in support of the profession of pharmacy, and are determined to remain there.

Our major community contributions are to the United Way; we are proud to be recognized as the #1 Pharmaceutical company in Canada for total corporate donations, with one of the few companies in the country to raise over $1 million.

Apotex recognizes that for our company to prosper, we must accept and balance our responsibilities towards the varied interests and concerns of our customers, employees and health care professionals that we serve. These particular interest groups are our stakeholders - individuals who make up the society in which we live... members of the greater community.

As a conscientious corporate citizen, our roots are clearly fixed in Canada, Apotex Inc. accepts that it has a direct responsibility to society and to the communities in which our facilities are located, in which our stakeholders live, and where we do business.

A Message From Mully Children's Family

Watch Mully Children's Family Medical Camp in Kenya on YouTube

The Mully Children's Family (MCF) is located just outside of Nairobi Kenya. It is an organization dedicated to rescuing and supporting orphaned and homeless children many who are rescued from the slums in Nairobi. The founder, Charles Mulli, who himself was once an orphan on the street in Nairobi, has given up a successful business career to look after these children and provide for their physical and spiritual needs. To date, over 6,000 children have been rescued and been given a fresh start through the schools and vocational training provided by MCF. Apotex has committed to provide MCF with medicines for their clinic and to medical teams which travel from Canada to provide medical care on a periodic basis. To date, we have sent three shipments of medications which have been used to treat many conditions including HIV/AIDS.

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