Thinking Green

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Apotex, a Canadian company with "green-friendly" roots, recognizes that as a pharmaceutical company we must constantly be aware of the environment and as such, has taken numerous measures to minimize our impact on the physical environment. For example, we maximize our use of recyclable packaging components, we utilize lab equipment that limits solvent usage and we employ environmentally friendly API practices. Apotex also participates in several legislated programs, two of which are outlined below. To help Apotex keep its "green-friendly" roots, it has created an internal Environmental Committee dedicated investigating new and creative ways of reducing waste, raising employee awareness regarding environmental initiatives and encouraging environmental compliance.

Ontario's Toxics Reduction Act

As part of Ontario's legislated Toxics Reduction Act, Apotex investigated ways to reduce the amount of prescribed substances. This is outlined in the following plan summaries:

2017 Annual Toxics Reduction Report

2015 Plan Summary

2013 Plan Summaries

2012 Plan Summaries

Medications Return Programs

As Canada's #1 generics provider, we are among the top financial supporters of all provincially regulated medications return programs. These programs provide consumers a safe and environmentally responsible way to dispose of unused or expired household medications. For more information on these programs and to find a collection location in your area, contact Health Products Stewardship Association at

Health Products Stewardship Association



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